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I created this site as I was looking for somewhere that would compliment my own wellness journey and couldn’t find anywhere there was everything I needed in one place. Essentially what I was looking for didn’t really exist. Somewhere where I could learn about alternative therapies, self care journeys and self empowerment. I am hoping this site develops into something that every woman can read and feel empowered in their daily life.

Meet The Team

Founder: Chelle McCann

Hi I’m Chelle! Lovely to meet you!

I have been blogging since May 2009 on a variety of subjects and blogs – predominantly writing about parenting and more recently branching out into the self care/wellness sector.

The owner of one 9 year old (going on 19) and two boys aged 3 and 4. It’s getting hectic around here that’s for sure!

I am also a copywriter and had also blogged for BabyCentre, Mummy and Little Me and BritMums.

Catch me on:

Instagram: @chellemccann @moontimemagazine

Email: moontimemagazine@icloud.com

Guest Writer: Trudi

I am a FHT accredited Massage Therapist & Reiki Healer based in Cornwall. With a philosophy rooted in connecting to natural cycles – the moon, the seasons and stages of menstruation – I can help you heal mind and body naturally.

Catch me on:

Instagram: @wild.samsara

Email: trudi@wildsamsara.co.uk 

Guest Writer – Lucy

I’m in my twenties (I used to be able to say ‘early twenties’ but I’m just past the half-way point so I’ve got to stop pulling that one really haven’t I?) and I live in the North West of England with my boyfriend, Michael, and our 2-year-old daughter, Lily Grace (see below).

I’ve got a legal background but I currently work from home as a blogger, freelance writer and social media manager. It requires a decent amount of Yorkshire Tea and I think my eyes are going a little square but it’s cool, I love what I do and I manage my time around my work commitments, the housework and (the very best job) looking after our little girl.

Catch me on:

Instagram: @hellobeautifulbear

Email: lucymelissa@hellobeautifulbear.com

Guest Writer – Zalayshia 

Hey there Beautiful Souls!
Zalayshia here. I’m kind of a wild card, a juggler of many roles but ultimately a free spirit with a lot of love to give!
My heart is in supporting women through major transitions in life. Whether it be a pregnancy, birth, motherhood, a death or transcendance of deep wounds, trauma and self-sabatoging mindsets. I walk with women through their journey to healing, transformation and ascension. I have a background in women’s health, dance/exercise and birth work. I own two businesses with 11 years of experience serving women & families as a prenatal/labor/postpartum doula.
I am a Certified Holistic Health Coach and Classical Pilates/Barre instructor teaching since 2013. My biggest message to women is to realign the mind, body and soul, reawaken to the wisdom of our intuition, and remember who we are as divine feminine beings and the creative power we hold.
When I am not teaching or witnessing beautiful babies being born, I am homeschooling my 14 year old son (soon to be world-schooling), hosting women’s circles, dancing, journaling, sewing or diving into metaphysics and esoteric wisdom!
Instagram: @zay_lay8 

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