3 Amazing Women To Follow On Instagram (February Edition)

We all know that social media is taking over our lives a little and thats why we make sure that MoonTime Magazine is a space where the team are calm and relaxed. We follow people based on their creative content and the connections they make us feel. Here are 5 accounts we are love this month:

Wolf Witch Mother

I have followed Serena for about a year on my personal account and I just love the way she talks about everything. Her yoga and hoop videos are so beautiful and i often watch in aw at them. I love her body positive attitude and the fact she is firm with the my life, my rules mantra!

Wild Samsara

I met Trudi online last year and I both of us seem to have been on a journey at the same time. Hers has just resulted in her opening a business in a Shepards Hut. Trudi is one of the most genuine people I have ever met. Down to earth, relaxing (watch her stories!) and I am so proud to have her as a friend!

Happy Vulva Club

I started following this account recently after finding them through The Red Box Project. I love that this account because it is just s open about talking about a woman’s body parts and acknowledging the words Vulva, vagina and words that we often keep hidden. As a parent to a daughter and two sons I try encourage use of the proper body parts. Accounts like this help break the taboos around the use of and words we used for our body.

Let me know in the comments of accounts we should be following! Happy connecting!


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